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SimYog's mission is to enable agile processes for hardware development. This will be achieved by augmenting physical science with data-science and will reduce time-to-market from concept to deployment.

SimYog™ in Action
SimYog™ offers system-level Design and Sign-off tools for Automotive Electronics at the system level

Electromagnetic analysis technology

Order of magnitude computational time improvement over current leading commercial solution methodologies.

Learning-based fast re-simulation

Novel technology to harness information from previous simulation to accelerate solution of design iterations. Read more

Diagnosis technology

World’s first technology to automatically identify parts of the design that are responsible for undesired electromagnetic effects, without the requirement of repetitive expensive re-runs. Read more

Hardware acceleration and matrix compression

Algorithms chosen and tailored for minimizing serial content in accordance to Amdahl’s law. Read more

Virtual Laboratory for EMI/EMC

Compliance-Scope®, is a Virtual EMI/EMC laboratory where designers can validate and improve their hardware at an early stage by uploading their design files. The tool also provides diagnosis and suggestions for low-cost fixes at the Printed Circuit Board level. Read more

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